Flash Get - the best download manger

Flash Get - the best download manger
Hi frnds..
Flash Get is da best download manger of all, we have many download mangers like U-Torrent,Bit Torrent etc etc.... but dis is da best of all...

We download many softwares,movies etc etc... which we like almost many times a week, some sites gives u only a file they r called the torrents file, dey get downloaded with a sec, we wonder wer is software nothing nothing but a file we have extract da software by using download manger.
i hope u guys like it..


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manoj said...

thaks for it,
its really cool and i also got many things from your site thanks for all

Anonymous said...

Careful with Flashget, it records keyloggs and passwords .. probably sents it to China (its made in China btw). Upon first installation, your firewall will ask you series of confirmations and one of these is to block the keylogging and keystroke ability. Be sure to block it!! All the other 'allow access to internet' notices are ok to make it work.

Shubham Singh said...

thanx for providing it amezing