How To Make A Keylogger & Hack Passwords Using It!!!

How to hack yahoo, msn, orkut, gmail or any websites login user name & password anything, you can hack anything using keylogger,keylogger is also known as keystroke logger keylogger is a hardware device or small program that monitors each keystroke a user types ...

How To Make A Keylogger & hack passwords of anysite using this!!!
I ll show u step by step process for successfully creating keylogger, sending it, and receiving information using Ardamax Keylogger. Now, in this guide, I only use one method of receiving information, and that's an FTP. I also do not protect the files.
Process begins click here u ll move to a Adramax site and scroll down the page and download the free trial version.

After downloading, open the program and install it. Simple enough, right? After installing, go to wherever you installed it at, and open it. It should open at the bottom right corner of your screen, down by the time. If not, press ctrl+shift+alt+h. Now, leave that alone.

Next, click here and download the exact serial

Now, open it, and it should give you a name and a jumble of letters and numbers.

Go back to the Ardamax icon at the bottom right, and right-click it.

Click the "Enter Registration Key" button.

Use your serial/crack to unlock the full version. Congratulations, you are now ready to make your first deployment package.


If u interested in attaching a keylogger for an already existed file, move on and just place it on ur desktop.


Again, right click the icon at the bottom-right.

Click "Remote Installation".

Click next.

Further if ur interested in attaching ur keylogger for an already existing file, click the box which says that "Append keyloggers engine "

If u tic it, click Browsee, and select da file.

If ur not yet satisfied t,move down. Da installations folder on the target- computer needs to remain Windows System Folder for added security, so leave it be

U can add an additional component which u like i leave it mine as "log viewer" as i want to grab are da p/w's for gamez

From this point, click next.

Now, this part is self explanatory. I tick all of the boxes, as to hide it from everything visible, otherwise they can just see it and be like "Wtf", uninstall, etc.

Can't have that, now can we?

Click next.

For Security, do what you want. I leave all of it as-is and click next again.

Now, untick the "Check for updates" box, else it will check for updates on their computer and they will know that they are bugged.

Click next.

Tick the "Start in hidden mode" box, and leave the "Run on windows startup" as-is.

You may pick a date to self destruct, if you like. Sounds noisy, right? It simply removes itself on selected date. If not, leave it alone, and it will never self destruct.

Click next.

Tick the "Send logs every.." box, and choose how frequently you would like to recieve information that has been sent.

Select 'FTP' and de-select everything else as a delivery method.

You may choose what you want to see. I have taken " screenshots". as it cause lagging .

You Leav dat 'log format' alonee.

U can choosee 2 send logs if it is exceeding to a certain size, or if ur interested in send no matter wat, untic the box, wat i have done.

Continue on! (next.)

Now the fun part. -_-.

Head on over to:

Make an account, etc etc.

Save your FTP Account name and password. You'll need it in a moment.

This site will be the site that holds all information recieved by the keylogger.

When you're done, scroll down a bit.

Under "FTP Accounts", click "File Manager".

Near the top, click the "New Dir" button, and create a directory by any name you want. My favorite is "lolbeans".

Now, hold that thought. Bring the keylogger back.

In Ftp Host, put in:

In "Remote Folder", put in the new directory's name you made. So, in this scenario, "lolbeans" without the "'s.

Fill in your Username and Password.

I left dat "Passive Mode checked" as I'm not aware of what it does, rofl. :[

you can leave dat port also alone . It's default.

You have to be sure that everything till now is correctly done by u , click it on test. It should tell you it all went through. And to double check, you can refresh your open window. Click your "lolbeans" directory and there should be a test file in it.

Click next, if you're still alive.

Tick anything and everything you want.


If you selected screenshots to be enabled, pick how you want them delivered. Click next. If not, ignore this step.

Browse the page wer u want to place da keylogger. u have a plus point of changing the icon, which is nifty. If u want to apologies to ur friend, u can change & make ur own icon just goto notepad and name it as "Apology", dats it u r done with it

This screen will go over with you everything that you have chosen. Make sure it's all correct.

Click Finish.

Now, if you appended the keylogger to something, you're going to need to put the "install" (feel free to rename it so it's not so obvious) and appended file into a .zip or .rar file.

If not, you have the simple "Install" on your desktop. Also, feel free to rename it to something like "Apology" or "OMFGFunnypicture!!!.jpg"

Upload the file or .rar/.zip somewhere, and let your target download it. They will double click it, and on their end, nothing will happen, but secretly, they have been keylogged.

Check your FTP Directory that you made as frequently as you told it to send logs, and you'll have everything you need.

Feel free to test it out on yourself. Reply me if you like it......


khal... said...

Content is simply excellent..

Anonymous said...

nice work frnd keep going....

Anonymous said...

thanks for this friend......

but i couldn't get the registration key for "ardamax kelogger 2.9"

its nowhere to be found..........

plz help.....
can u plz mail it to me if ya have it...

ma email is

Anonymous said...

download the crack here
.... i hope it ll work for u.. visit again for more tricks on hacking...

bazmufc8491 said...

thanks for this... it doesn't work though when i try to downlod the ardamax keylogger and i tried downloading the crack but that doesn't work either... i really need to check through this girls msn account and she's hardly ever on... please could you help me, is there any other way, or could you send me all her files or something?
thanks... my e-mail is

a to z yo yo said...

everything was goin fine till i reach this page,com_wrapper/Itemid,8/
its an image verificaton sensitive image i cant do can u?
O n whats this uppercase n lowercase part of image?

its captcha case sensitive image problem hpe uve undstud

Anonymous said...

When i do the remote installation and get to the end to click "finish" it says "unable to create installation package.try to disable your antivirus.the system cannot find the path specified" do you have any idea what this means? my antivirus is disable, im just wondering if you could help?

Anonymous said...

i complete my registration but i cant get any emial in why please help me thanks

saien said...

before installing it u have to disable or temporarily remove ur anti-virus....

saien said...

i didn't understand wat u r trying to say...!♥

Anonymous said...

Hmm, It seems a new version of Ardamax is out. version 2.9..

A serial for this would be:
Name: JohnDoe

Pretty much same directions apply. I have the logs emailed to me because that stupid phpnet doesn't work all the time. I have problems getting the verification image working. To have the logs emailed to you, you must have a smtp email acount. Yahoo! and Google's "gmail" are not smtp. I use a free smtp at

So, go create a free account here. Pretty good email too! Now, here's what you enter in ardamax.

For "send to" type your "" with your real email, of course.

for "send from" type the same as above. (this doesn't really matter, it's just a fake email the logs 'say' their from. I suggest you put in your gawab email again, to prevent errors.

For smtp host, type then enable port 587

(don't click find, because what it finds is not right.)

Then, enter your gawab username and password. your gawab name is followed by ""
EXAMPLE: if you'r new gawab name is supersonic123, then you would enter "" for username.

Then enter your password.

Hit test to make sure it works. and then good luck =)

*the only thing bad about version 2.9 is that when you (or your target) clicks the install file, it says "this will install ardamax keylogging monitoring tool, continue?" so they are aware their being logged, unless they blindly click yes. It still works good for installing on a work or school or library computer, as long as you are the one installing it.

sonic said...

Check out the keylogger I made.

Not even 300 kb. Pretty good, eh?

Anonymous said...

Keylogger I made (looks like a rs pass!)

Anonymous said...

Pals, I too made a keylogger n it waz
tested successfully. ardamaz test file waz recived at ma ftp account !
Problem is it does nt sending any log files to ma ftp server dat waz i sent and instaled in ma friends pc.
help me out

sushmit said...

I need to hack an gmail account. The culprit is annoying me from last one month. SO please help me in hacking the gmail account. Thnxs a lot.
My id is

sushmit said...

sorry its

Ravi Ratil said...

thanx for the all the things....
they are really wonderful.but i am not able to recieve the logs...i am getting the screenshots but that too incomplete.i got a message in my control panel that "Congratulations! Your free hosting account has been activated.
Replace this index.html file with your website using FTP or the file manager."
what to do now.plzzzzzz help.
will be highly appreciated.thanx once again.

Anonymous said...

Can someone tell me the registraition code for Ardamax KeyLogger 2.5, i can't download it and can't read it, please someone tell me:

registration name
registration key

7 days left so help me quick!!!

BoYRuLeZ said...

good work... thanks :)

Anonymous said...

I don't get any informations on my ftp server, a bit sad though..

Anonymous said...


srinu said...

it's simply superb.but when i am installing it into remote pc at tht time displaying sme dialog's not gud for victims.i mean mess is showing there .then they can know now how can i disble taht mess?? also it is detecting by antivirus .how can i make it undetectable

Anonymous said...

bull man. 2 trojans. if your AV software doesnt detect it, u have REALLY crappy AV software. all these ppl posting are probably fake. i'm talking about the ardamax keylogger trial by the way. 2 trojans with that download.

Anonymous said...

keylogging isnt hacking. anyone with half a brain can do it..

Anonymous said...

pldnpin response to "two trojans"
this IS a trojan so obviously av will detect

DEVIL said...

Hello Sir,
I read your article, How To Make A Keylogger & Hack Passwords Using It.
i go through all the steps sucessfully, & there is a test file in my ftp dir.
Then i send the keylogger in jpeg format in zip folder to my cusion using my yahoomail to his hotmail email adress.
He open the file but no file was send to my ftp dir. Is there any problem in this step,if yes, then plz tell me the right way.
Because i couldn't understand the last 2 paragraphs of ur article. sir alo tell me how to use email instead of ftp in keylogger as delivery report
sorry for my poor english.
Reply soon. I am wating thanks.

Anonymous said...

well the newest version is shitty coz when the target installs it. it actually asks them..what the hell do you want remote computing for then???

otherwise the thing works fine...

and all the keys listed here and on the web dont work. had to download the cracked version. but the damn thing installs in a separate folder with a separate name.. leaving me to wonder wethere i have been made a target after downloading that damn file...

thats the torrent by ONY on piratebay

Ankur~ I m "The Game" said...


pritesh said...

man i have followed every step and send the file to one of my frd ,but it is not uploading any file in my ftp,pls help me

Anonymous said...

Do NOT download the Ardamax Keylogger! I was suspicious of it so I had all of my Virus Scanners working & Thank god! When I downloaded it to my had another kidden keylogger attached to the downloaded file.

Possible setup here to hack keylog the person's computer who is trying to setup a keylogger??? =/

sharath said...

If u interested in attaching a keylogger for an already existed file, move on and just place it on ur desktop.

what does this mean

i want to send this keylogger to my frnd with someother file so that he doent get suspicious

how to attach keylogger to other files ??

sting said...

how can you check if some1 has installed a key logger on your comp??? any help would be great guys

sarath said...

hi yar...jus tel me how to hack yahoo account pls.

Anonymous said...

as the latest version asks the victim, where can i download the older version ? i chkd their site it isnt there.. do u have a copy? mail me the link or the copy to

Justin said...

Very nice post-



Anonymous said...

hey..dude all done...but nw how to delete this frm victims pc....plzz rpy...

Nidhi said...

when i click on the remote installation package it prompt for u want to install it or not...anyone can know through this prompt tht this is a suspicious to disable it...

Anonymous said...

how to disable the installation package it asks this will install the keylogger how to disable it ?

Anonymous said...

in ur previous comment u mentioned that the ardamax version 2.9 alerts the user of the remote keylogger being installed. does this occur with the previous version 2.8 as well? also does the file name have to end with a .exe extension or it doesnt matter wat the extension is used.
is there anyway we can install the software remotely with the user being informed that they are being logged?

Anonymous said...

this is bullshit......pple dont do dis...he wants ur info?????????

Anonymous said...

hi there!
im so glad i found ur site, its awesome! please can u help me eith this though. gmail does not allow me to send this file, i have tried sendig it in zip, exe, etc...and im getting so frustrated cos i wanted to test out if it works,but gmail will not allow this mails! pls advice??
thank you :)

Anonymous said...

There is always something to this if you haven't found out already. It is never made up to be and work like it is made up to work and look like. Buy a remote Keylogger and have some fly by night cool guy who knows how to use it to help you install it and activate it. Otherwise you will end up with many files and folders and downloads on your computer that can possibly contain adware, spyware or trojans or all of them. Buy the real thing, get a cool person to do it for you that won't tell on you because afterall it is illegal to send these and steal passwords online, so you are taking a chance anytime you do it by going to Federal Prison.

Tetryon said...

In order to counter the possibility of placing trojans on your computer when installing this program, just run it on a virtual machine, it can't read what's not in the same HDD partition and that's what a virtual machine does. If you can't get that, then install it on another computer that you can compromise. There are easy ways to handle this.

Tetryon said...

Also, as said before, key logging is illegal, but what is more illegal is cracks/serials posted FOR key logging software

Anonymous said...

check out on

Sanju said...

ardamax kelogger 2.9


Anonymous said...

as i am very new in hacking...i tried to go through the tutorial with this this case i have used ardmax 3.0 version...i have some problems here....

1. when i was trying it on myself, it shows the msg that, it will install keylogginging in your my question is that, if this msg showed in the victim's pc, nothing would be to get rid of it..?..

2. is it detectable by virus..? i know my victim is using an antivirus, how can it be made undetectable by the antivirus?..

plzzz let me know about these...

thanks again for the tutorial...

john said...

u only tell the simple installation way.but did not tell how to make ur server.exe undetectable by antivirus.when victom double click on server.exe antivirus detect virus in it.the real thing is done when victom click on remoteinstalltion file antiviurs can't detect it.So this is useless information for me.

Gunnar said...

I dont understand what u mean, when im done with creatin my ftp account u say "scroll down a bit and click blabla", what do u mean with that? please explain.. couldn't find what u talked about

The Bos said...

i want to say that there should be a way to change signature of keylogger other wise it would be detectable by most av

Anonymous said...

this thing soundz like a gud thing.. but lackz the main point of it..

1. AV detects it..even wen u try to install that program.. so what make u tink ur victims AV would detect it.

2. After going through every single step dere. i click on the file that it made with da keylogger attached. it asks me do u want to install it"... like c'mon wat kind of an idoiot would actually click "yes"

There has to be a better way to hack.

arun said...

please give me the



for 3.0 versions please friends only 5 days left...

if u dont have this pls give ur version with regestration key pls....pls...

arun said...

please give me the



for 3.0 versions please friends only 5 days left...

if u dont have this pls give ur version with regestration key pls....pls...

Anonymous said...

there was no errors at all but i am not recieving my logs :(

Anonymous said...

how to make the remote installation package pass the av protection?

Anonymous said...

This information is simply excellent.........

v said...

Hai, Is there any way to get back hacked accounts...
Please help me...
Somebody hacked my account

Anonymous said...

I highly advise you NOT to do this as when trying to access the site I was given this...

For all those who are too lazy to visit the site it just says some security stuff and this:

Malicious software includes 163 trojan(s), 1 worm(s).

Hope you enjoy your trojans/worms.

Anonymous said...

You make keyloggers and your telling peeps to DL software they've never heard not that i dont trust u cause im gunna try it but people shouldnt be so quick to do this ><

Anonymous said...

your serial isn't working anymore. Can you please provide some working serials.

Anonymous said...

HI had several of my msn accounts hacked and my fb account, i would like them back, please could you help.

the email account I need back is:

My new email address is


Anonymous said...

hi i have hacked so many accounts in the past using keylogger.but i never use ardamax keylogger.this is not a gud keylogger to hack some one.i know it sends log when it is install in some one pc.but it needs a physical acces.and 2ndly most of the antivirus detects them.i have made a keylogger which i undetectable to every anitvirus.except avast and the main thing is to make keylogger undetectable.i use software passport for this.and some binders as make my keylogger undetectable.

Yu Chen said...

about the smtp email service, i tried the but it doesnt seem to work, i cant access phpnet either.. teach me another method please. my email is

sweety said...

hi i tried using gawab for ardamax 3.1 also tried and
keep gettin error:
cant connect to ftp host
and for gawab i get:
an error 553.need to authenticate bla blah
pls advis

Anonymous said...

hello sir, ur website is very nice. Thanks for all info. I have found another keylogger, which also has remote installation.

Here is the link to download Full Version of the software

Thanking you,


Anonymous said...

hi this key loger working excellent on home PC.or individual pc.
But i try on client of a server pc .Like in my building many computers connected throguh lan and than internet.
on that client pc it is not working (install)when i loggon as guest in window NT 2000.but other softwares install / infected.
When i loggon as administrator on that client machine than it install eassily and working but when i restart client PC than it was not working(not run automaticaly as system start)so please try to infect it on network conected PC and tell me what shall i do .

Anonymous said...

the website doesnt give a free trail anymore

Wes said...

Haha, you all just got a virus. Dipshits.

Ali said...

hey , i need to find out my bf's email password, can u help me with that, he has a russian email domain, let me know thatnks. here is my email


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yem_slash said...

ur tricks is nice,,... but
i've got a problem when attach the packet files,....!!
what i must to do for it.....
thanks before...

Anonymous said...

this was really helpful but i had problems when i downloaded the "ardamax kelogger 2.9" can you please help me!! please....

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know where I can get the old 2.5 version? The site no longers allows you to download demo version without purchase so I would really appreciate it if someone could send me the old version (not the already install version:)) cageroma AT

Anonymous said...

I looked thru the comments on this page and the thought i had the most was, "Why are people putting their emails on a forum that hackers frequent."
Just a thought.

Mutuelle sante said...

Thank you it was a wonderful help, now to make a keylogger & hack passwords using it!!! is definitely simple with the help of your advice. Thank you

Anonymous said...

Hey Im getting an error when going to download the registration key, Can you open it and send me the registration key via email?
My email is

Anonymous said...

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We are virgins
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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Do you need to install this key logger on the computer that you wish to get the key strokes from or can you install on another computer?

Anonymous said...

the program worked fine with me . i just wanna know how to do the following modifications on the install.exe file:

1- i want the file (install.exe) to be auto run type . e.g ( it should start working as soon as i plug in the flash drive into the PC )

2- i want it to be self copied on any flash drive that comes in contact with the infected PC .
maybe if i can attach it to a virus ( a worm perhaps ) this can work. but i dont know how to do this.
if you have any virus making software i would really appreciate it.
3- i want it to be undetectable by most anti viruses. ( i ll have to use a hex editor here. if you have any , please do tell )

i ll be waiting for your comments on
if you dont know the answer , just give me any thing i can start working on ( should be fast and simple ) thanks very much for your post

Rich Hacker said...

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Shehroz said...

My Friend Double Clicked On it and Nothing Happened.I didnt recieved his any Key Stroke Even After 2 Days
Please Tell me Why?

Rich Hacker said...

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dbco amster said...

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