How to remove "Orkut is banned" Virus

How to remove "Orkut is banned" Virus or how to disable dat virus from ur computer. I think u have seen a trick to remove dat w32.USB worm, from ur computer many of them as said u to goto task Manger & then goto processor delete a particular file from it , its a long procudure to do it & i think many of us didn't understand.

Here i ll give u a software which automatically removes dat virus from ur computer and heals registry & it enables "show hidden files option" & also makes the pc immune to the viruses, if u double click the virus next time it wont affect the system.

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riju said...

help me to remove the orkut banned virus

kranthidev said...

try using kaspersky anitvirus to remove the Orkut banned , its a trojan . its called heap4 and will be located in "c:\heap4\heap4.exe" but will not be visible under windows, but u can see the same under Dos mode.

Go to run; type Cmd, in dos window navigate to : and see if u find any thing like heap4.