How to Steal Cookies

How to steal cookies and hack passwords by getting cookies of ur opponents..U can hack yahoo,orkut,gmail,msn or any websites which they have been login to u ll get their passwords if u can steal their cookies click here to download the procedure for stealing the cookies i hope u guys ll like it..

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irvan said...

Yeahh .. Thank you so much for ur share .. :D

Anonymous said...

fake bastyt....virus...plz dont download this file....thx

Anonymous said...

wat virus??? nonsense. okay wat

KRISHNA said...

i totally didn't understand that...

Anonymous said...

Scan it with, I'm scanning right now, and don't have the results yet, besides, telling you now would'nt be any fun. :P

Anonymous said...

Me again, it said the file was clean, but it also said it was 13KB, meaning their could have been a trojan that was encripted and able to go by unseen by the scanner...

Anonymous said...

i cant understand the step 3 some one can explainme please!

Anonymous said...

hoho.. i have similar script like that. but i didnt wait user to click my pic.
i create thats script for lovelamp(dot)net
every user lovelamp who view my profile i can login as thats user.
if they download my pic, that pic stiil work as normally image n shown as image.

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