Invisible in GTalk

How to be invisible in GTalk or Google Talk...Here is the simple trick to be invisible as we are in yahoo messenger... check it out!!

Check out this video for the procedure..!!!

Follow the below instructions

1. First of all u have to download this software.

2. Goto accounts setup.

3. Click on add.

4.Type any name.

5. Again click add.

6. U have to keep GTalk id in front of Jabber id.

7. password is your GTALK ID password.

8.Click on save.

9. Now click on connections tab.

10. U have to check all the check boxes.

11. In host keep :

12. Right Click on ur profile name.

13. Right click on profile name.

14. Now u have 2 click on XML consolee.

15.Check out the boxes which r Enable.

16. Keep dis on script field "55"

17. Now click upon trnsnmit

18. Finished now ur invisible.

If u have any problem check out dis video.


Anonymous said...

wer is d script???????

Anonymous said...

dwhich script???? where is script????

Naveen Madhawa said...

if need the script please send me a mail i'll send it.this site doesnot allow to add the script
copy the below script

naveenmadhawa AT gmail DOT com

Himanshu said...

There is no need of script, this is just software... in which u can log in to gtalk in invisible state.
I have a software in which you can see a invisible person in yahoo messenger....<:D>

Raghavendra Datta said...

Hi Naqueeb.... raghavendra here... :D

Anonymous said...

nothing works man..

Anonymous said...

arre dont try this.. this could be may lost you account doing soo...because when u enter your account id and password nongenuine softwares or dont know where your id and password will actually may also go to hackers mail and he will get ur id and password..beware!!!

yahoo status said...


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