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Watch TV online here are some free online tv websites, they offer u with channels which u watch on tv & also the channels which u haven't seen them before..Here u can get all types of channels from education to entertainment, all types of movies & many more....The most important is u can watch cricket live matches if ur subscriber is unable to afford those channels..

* : The site called "Live from Bangladesh". The site has list of all the famous Indian channels that you can watch online. Zee TV, Sony TV, Star One, Star Plus, Zee Cinema etc. The site doesn't require you to register. All you need is Windows Media Player 10, Real Player, VLC Media Player installed on your machine. You must be aware of Windows Media Player and Real Player. You can get VLC media player free, just google it and you will find it. Once you go to the website, you will see list of channels on the left. Click on the channel you want to see and you would see the screen with username and password information. The popup box will ask you to enter that information and you should be all set. Watch Zee Cinema Online, Watch Zee TV online, Watch Sony TV Online and enjoy.

* This site used to require registration but they have changed their layout and now its just simple page with list of channels URLs. Click on the channel and a popup window will open up. Same list of channels are available here. Less than what you get from the previous site. Few sites have voice issue. The voice and video moves in fast forward motion makes it sound funny. For e.g. Sony TV & Star One.

* I don't believe this site has online channels but you can watch videos clippings from these Indian Channels. This site requires registration.

* : This site has only 5-6 channels but the quality is good and doesn't have annoying ads. It has Zee, Sony, Sony Max, Star Plus, Aaj Tak, IBN Live, Star One. I would rank this site as 2nd after Watch Star Plus Online.

* Beware of this website. It does provide all these channels but has lot of popup ads and could have spywares. I would go to this site as a last option.

* Music 'n Movies is based on free media Meta-crawler, which searches on the media file hosting servers for free bollywood movies , indexes them and present them in well format on this portal.

* :Check out a free new live internet tv service called - an excellent website that allows you to watch internet TV from all over the world, they even let you create your own personal page and have tons of features, like search, countries, genres, multi-lingual descriptions, channel bitrate quality monitoring, rss feeds for blogs, full screen, mini screen options !! everyone's watching

* :Its another site to watch tv online

* World Wide Internet Television
: Also known as, is a nice site with over 1000 listings of TV channels that you can use to watch TV online for free. While I haven't counted the languages or countries represented there seem to be quite a few ! This is a site I visit often when I want to watch something in Spanish, followed by something in Hindi. The site requires Real Player and is very easy to use and navigate.

* :StreamBox is a web-streaming portal that live-streams Indian TV channels through the internet. Just like how TV channels are telecasted through cable or dish, StreamBox telecasts Indian TV channels through the internet.

Here is the collection of some more sites:


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