Saved Passwords in IE or Firefox Are Not Safe

Do U think ur saved passwords in Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox are safe?? really!! Check out here how much you are:

Whenever u type passwords into any web forms, in both Internet Explorer & Mozilla Firefox, its prompt out whether 2 remember u passwords, & many of us clicks on yes & our passwords are saved in the browser

remember my password firefox remember password

Many of us think this “Remember Me” option in IE or Firefox is very much useful but the risky part is dat they keep ur login credential at risk.

View stored passwords in Internet Explorer:

Although Internet Explorer store ur passwords in Windows Registry database, but the risk is that anyone who can operate a computer can reveal ur hidden passwords by using IE PassView.

Look at this:

internet explorer passwords

View stored passwords in Firefox:

For the Firefox users it is much more easier to reveal ur saved passwords which are stored inside

Way: Tools -> Options -> Security -> Show Passwords. Dats it shows ur all saved passwords...

firefox passwords

Friends anyone can view ur hidden passwords who is having a bit knowledge on computer can reveal ur passowrds..

How to Keep urself safe:

Uncheck “Prompt me to save passwords” in Internet Explorer and “Set Master Password” in Mozilla Firefox.


Geordie said...
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Fallen~Love said...

Wow Thanks Dude I Now Have All My Prepaid Website Save ^^

dupvalasudurai said...

I have doubt about the encryption method to protect the password :) can I use master password is it helps me or not

angels said...

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