Who Used Your Pc In Your Absence,what Did He Do?

Track my computer!

Who Used my computer, In my absense,what did he do?Here is a small trick which shows who operated your pc what did he do & watch he hs watching how much long he has been using ur pc...

First you should goto :

start-- > run-- > eventvwr.msc

Events are stored in three log files: Application, Security, and System. These logs can be reviewed and archived.
For our purposes we want the System log. Click on "System" in the left-hand column for a list of events.
Look for a date and time when you weren't home and your computer should have been off.

Double click on the eg: info and it will show u the detail.

You can also use this log to see how long someone was on the computer. Just look at the time the computer was turned on and off for that day.

Hope u all will like it.


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