FBI Forensic Field Kit


FBI Forensic Field Kit....

FBI Forensic Field Kit - Bootable


This is the ultimate bootable Disk for the agent, (or wannabe agent).

Forensics Tools:
Sleuth Kit -Forensics Kit
Py-Flag - Forensics Browser
Autopsy - Forensics Browser for Sleuth Kit
dcfldd - DD Imaging Tool command line tool and also works with AIR
foremost - Data Carver command line tool
Air - Forensics Imaging GUI
md5deep - MD5 Hashing Program
netcat - Command Line
cryptcat - Command Line
qtparted - GUI Partitioning Tool
regviewer - Windows Registry Viewer
X-Ways WinTrace
X-Ways WinHex
X-Ways Forensics
R-Studio Emergency (Bootable Recovery media Maker)
R-Studio Network Edtion
R-Studio RS Agent
Net resident
Faces 3 Full (600 megs)
Encase 4.20

Field Kit Manuals

Incident response - Computer Forensics
Computer Crime investigation
Forensic Pathology
Internet Forensics
Forensic interpretation of Evidence
Windows Forensics
Computer Forensics -An Illustrated Dictionary
Computer Forensics - jumpstart

Additional programs on Boot DVD:

Gentoo Linux 2.6 Kernel - Opyimized for Forensics Use
Apache2 - Server
Mysql PHP4
Open Office
Gimp - Graphics Program
KSnapshot - Screen Capture Program
Gnome CD Master
K3b - CD Burner
XMMS - media player
Porthole - Gentoo Graphics Package Manager
Karchiver - GZIp GUI

Security Tools:
Etherape - GUI Network Traffic Monitor
Clamv - Anti Virus
snort - Command Line
John the Ripper - Command Line password cracker
rkhunter - Command Line
Ethereal - Network Traffic Analyzer
FWBuilder - GUI Firewall App
nessus - network scanner

Download here FBI Tool Kit:

Hack a PC by USB..


Hacking passwords or any information using USB(pendrives).Here is the small tricks guys for stealing information or passwords of ur friends or enemies using pendrives...

Download this software:


  1. Extract it.
  2. open pcinfo
  3. select all the files and paste it in ur USB(pendrive)
  4. it in the pc u wanna hack...
  5. Open the USB drive, give it 2 sec and and ur job is done...

And now open the dump folder in ur pc and u will have all the info u want....

Info u will obtain:


Ok now the problem which i was facing....

well i think it duznt autorun on PC with antivirus... U have to manually click the nircmd.exe

U have to disable his/her antivirus for auto running this program..